Risk Disclosure Policy

Investments are subject to market risk, though best attempts are made for predicting markets, but no surety of return or accuracy of any kind is guaranteed, while the performance sheet of various products is available but should not be considered as a guarantee for future performance of the products/services. Clients are advised to consider all the advice as just a opinion and make investment decision on their own. In case of clients seeking advice on any specific positions already made by the client, we will be able to suggest best possible action considering our view on the security or product. Such suggestion under any circumstances shall be considered as an opinion (not advice) from our company and we advice client to consider our opinion and not consultancy to make his/her final decision. We are not liable for any losses whatsoever client may incur in accepting this opinion.

Our Official website is http://www.trifidresearch.com/ .We accept payments through our official bank account mentioned on our website only.

TriFid Research has noticed some fraudulent activity such as spoofed messages by using Name and style Of TriFid Research. TriFid Research strongly advises you not to trade on such calls & immediately report to TriFid Research with the screen shot of the SMS. Beware of these spammers and spoof calls. To safeguard yourself from such fraud activities, we advise you to download our app from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trifidresearch.trpl, or client login through our official website http://www.trifidresearch.com/

TriFid Research Investment Advisor shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, falsification, and deception or for any lack of availability of services through the website, even if the same are advertised for, on the website.

TriFid Research confirms that no employee of ours can engage in (directly or indirectly) any trade or business in capital market. We do not allow any of our employees to participate in trading business. We also restrict our people from getting into any related business or otherwise for ensuring unbiased services to the clients of TriFid Research.

All our Research Analysts and Expert Analyst are National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) certified with an experience.

The track record of the services and Reports offered by TriFid Research is published every day on websites, i.e. https://trackrecord.trifidresearch.com/ and https://www.trifidresearch.com/client-login

Your KYC and RP formalities need to be completed before you can subscribe any service from TriFid Research. No service would be rendered to any customer before completion of KYC and RP formalities.

The amount that you are paying in the company is purely the fees of our services and not Investment. Investment is to be done by your side and in your DEMAT account only.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and other Policies before Subscribing.

No litigations have been filed against the company since the incorporation of the company.

All the tips which are suggested by our company are communicated in written, no verbal communication from any of the executives or otherwise under any circumstances shall be considered as advice by our company.

As a business, we offer stock recommendations based on technical research ONLY to our subscribers. We have not authorized any organization or firm to represent us and offer stock recommendations on our behalf.

TriFid Research reserves the right to modify/ alter/ change the content of its website. Clients are advised to update themselves from time to time.

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